About BitCode Method

This page aims to help you understand the purpose and intentions behind the concept of BitCode Method. Knowing what it does and how it can help you is one thing but understanding what its creators intended is another.

Knowledge Sharing

Sharing is one of the biggest pillars of the trading platform. If there is any single problem that has plagued the Bitcoin industry almost since its inception is a lack of adequate knowledge sharing.

You would often find that there is one set of people who seem to be acutely aware of everything that is happening in the industry.

On the other hand, you would find those that have no idea what is happening. No matter how hard you would search, finding an in-between was a pipe dream.

If you check out the information provided on what BitCode Method does and how it works, you will notice that it speaks to teaching its users as much as it speaks to being a trading platform.

That's because the service of learning is also meant to be provided alongside the service of trading.

So, while the broker is helping in a sense at the onset, the idea is for the user to develop the ability to use similar strategies that the broker would, thanks to the developmental style of the platform.

A User-centric Experience

BitCode Method must be commended for the user-centric experience that it has managed to create for those who make it a part of their trading journey.

With a broker in the mix, it's very easy to lose sight of whom all activities should be benefiting in the end.

Therefore, the decision to ensure that user approval is needed makes for an excellent strategy. Additionally, with the learning opportunity available, it's hard for any user not to feel like the center of everything going on.

Breaking the Barriers to Entry

Knowledge sharing was alluded to above, and the lack of it is certainly a problem that would always be a barrier to entry for those who didn't meet the requirements. Additionally, the need to use an exchange directly would often complicate things.

With BitCode Method, however, both these challenges are no longer big problems. Knowledge is being shared, and the offering of the platform means not having to deal with an exchange or the intricacies of Bitcoin trade directly.

Passion and Belief in Bitcoin

The creators of the platform have certainly demonstrated a high sense of passion and belief in Bitcoin, and by extension, the cryptocurrency industry. Perhaps this will continue to show in further developments.